Who’s The Daddy?

Being a dad is a tough gig, filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears, overwhelming joy coupled with an irrational sense of deep seated fear that something bad can happen to your child at any given moment.

I’ve set up this particular page on my blog to give some insight into what I experience as a father, and to share my thoughts and opinions on the difficult task of parenting.

So a little background I suppose will help you to get a little perspective on the why, when, where, how, and who of my daddy journey.

Why: Well my wife and I found out that we were going to have a baby back in December 2008, a mere four months after our wedding! A little shocked is an understatement to how I reacted, but the wheels were in motion and I strapped myself in for the biggest adventure of my life.

When: Our little boy Joesph James William Brennan, was born at around 10am on the 2nd of October 2009 having decided to show up late to his own party – (two weeks overdue), however the little genius was just thinking of his dear old man – who struggles to remember where he left his keys, let alone important dates like birthdays – and was planning on being born on the anniversary of my wife’s own birthday! Now I only need remember one date, or risk becoming an involuntary eunuch.

Where: Joseph was born in Worthing hospital on the south coast of England, and was very nearly pulled out in an emergency c-section. Fortunately for all involved my wife Laura managed to give an almighty display of strength and will power when she pushed the little miracle out mere seconds before incision time. I am also particularly proud of the fact that despite being drugged up to the eyeballs, she still found it in her to take a dazed look around the operating theatre to address a room full of intern student nurses (mostly male I add) and deliver the words “watch and learn boys, watch and learn”. God I love her!

How: Well when a mummy and daddy love each other very much they have a special cuddle…….. You don’t need the details people, but I’ll tell you that the process of labour was intense, and resulted in a bald patch on my noggin when I got too close to a very distressed wife having a contraction.

Who: So the family unit now consists of myself, my gorgeous wife Laura, my super amazing son Joesph, and our new addition – Toby Wan Kenobi – the dog.

Joseph is now two and a half, and he’s obsessed with Shrek, Enchanted & Toy Story, which in turn has made me love them a lot less than  I once did due to the fact that they are perpetually looped in my house. Joseph is an amazing little man, and he continues to bring real joy to my life with his infectiuous belly laughter, his cute smile, endearing little lisp, and perfect comedy timing.

I hope to keep up the blog on parenting, and may even consider a separate domain and blog for the sole purpose of being a daddy blogger!

Christmas with the Brennan's

My awesome family at Christmas.



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