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Learning SEO

So, today I have begun to really get myself up to speed with SEO, and learn as much as I possibly can, before I embark upon a 4 week internship with a local SEO company. I’m really excited and also quite nervous, as this could mean a job at the coolest offices I have ever seen, and also a better career for myself.

Having a few weeks previously, sent an email of my C.V and job application, and receiving an apologetic email back, citing that I’ve not got the right experience for the job, I very nearly accepted my fate, rolled over and carried on with the everyday workings of a man trapped in the lowest paid job since history began. However, I was compelled to fight against this decision, not because they were wrong to deny me for what I don’t yet have, but because I truly believe I do have what you cannot teach, and what money cannot buy. I have the three C’s; Confidence, Charisma, and Cojones.

I walked down to the office of said local SEO company, (let’s for the time being call them New Poultry Products), and dressed to the nines in a three piece suit, feeling like a million dollars, and a whole bunch of other number related things, I called in at the reception desk and asked to speak to the recruitment manager. I was told there was a managerial meeting on, but to pop back down an hour later. Fair enough, I thought, and off I trotted to work out what on earth I was going to say that might make me look more ‘refined’ than ‘retarded’.

One-hour-to-the-dot-(as-I-had-been-clock-watching) later Some time later, (it might have been an hour, it could have been slightly more, I don’t recall) I walked back into the offices of New Poultry Products and had a meeting with the recruitment manager. I explained my previous contact with the company, and explained my situation and what I had to offer to him and his team. Time seemed to fly by, and what I initially thought would be the quickest game of ‘who the crap is this guy, and how do I make him leave?‘, turned into nearly two hours of fantastic conversation with not only the head of recruitment, but one of the founders of the company too. (My philosophy of ‘wear a nice suit and wonderful things will happen’, was starting to work out!).

At the end of the meeting, I did not leave with a job, but I left with something better. An internship. Whilst you may think I am indeed more retarded than refined by making this statement, I actually believe that in being given an internship, rather than a job, I will be more determined to do this job well, and to appreciate the opportunity more.

So, Google Analytics has been the order of the day today, as well as having a brief look at Majestic SEO, and also sorting out some video editing for a friend. Just another 36 odd branches of SEO to look at, revise, and remember before my internship begins.

Bring it on!



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